When I wrote you last, dear readers, K and I had just commenced our time together in Kiev.

The time flew by at lightning speed and soon he was on his way back to Denmark; while I relocated to a Hostel.

At this hostel I was quite unlucky regarding my fellow guests in the dormitory room.

More about that later!

I’ll start at the beginning.


Kiev with K


We walked around hand in hand, following the spots on my dear friend V’s great list of pro tips like a treasure map. We made good use of the metro system that had some impressive stations.

In this way we found many nice cafes, restaurants and bars. Just one out of many examples, is when we went to the Pink Freud cocktail bar.

Pink Freud

The first day around lunch we found out, that we are both equally bad at restraining ourselves from buying close to one of everything in an interesting cantina with Ukrainian food. I conclude this since we ended up with a feast that I’m still not sure how we finished:



On a rather sunny day we went to a park on an island called Hydro Park, where we saw old people dancing with broad smiles. One grey haired man had a particularly stylish mix of colorful training suits on, if I may say so:


Another day we went to the zoo. Here we ate cotton candy and among other animals saw a beautiful peacock.


Once we passed an empty flower shop at night.

And we saw Kiev’s impressive cathedral.

And saw a contemporary art exhibition:


It began to rain a lot the last days and at one point we escaped the downpour by going into a Museum on Ukrainian Culture that strangely mainly contained prehistoric exhibitions.

K had a morning flight the last day and so he went by taxi late at night, or very early morning depending on how you see it. I only groggily managed to say goodbye. It almost physically hurt when I woke up alone in the bed and knew he wouldn’t just suddenly walk out of the bathroom and join me.

Thankfully though, this time it will only be around 20 days until I see him again – and not one month and a half like last time. It’s still a long time though.


Sleepless Nights & Art

I ventured out to my new hostel with a decision to enjoy my last days in Kiev. Little did I know the bad luck I was going to face.

Three out of four nights I barely slept. Consequently I walked around like a rather emotionally unstable zombie, missing K and sketching and painting non-stop for hours on end at cafés – much like some kind of mad artist!

The first two nights I was held awake by three young Vodka drinking friends, two boys and a girl – especially the girl was loud. She almost yelled every time she talked; as if she was hard of hearing.

They came in late and turned on all the lights and talked and kept talking. During the night they made the whole room smell of vodka-hangovers. And for some reason they always set their alarm to 7:30 – and then of cause they snoozed the alarm for about half an hour.

Blue Cup Café

Those two first days the lack of sleep made me feel hazy drunk – just without the fun bits. To compensate I drank too much coffee and as mentioned I sketched like mad. I worked after a postcard with a photograph bought in Budapest.


The third night the vodka drinkers were gone, thankfully. But then a troll had moved in to the bunk above mine. Not literally of cause, but he snored like nothing I’ve ever heard before in my life! He kept me awake almost as efficiently as the drunken twenty year olds.

After that night I went to a nice brunch place and sketched – also using their paper table cover.

More elaborate sketch after the badge I also sketched on the table paper by

Later I also sketched and painted after some more postcards from Budapest.


The embodiment of my state after three days with lack of sleep


Other than that I walked around a bit and saw a few thing I took photos of – like dry plants and graffiti:

Oh, and a very weird logo for a Pharmacy that K and I noticed together as well. The next few days I kept seeing the chain everywhere:

Epilog: Travelling to Vilnius

The fourth night alone in Kiev I luckily got a bit of sleep – although I had to wake early for my morning flight to Vilnius.

I was honestly happy to leave. Not that I didn’t love the city! I really did and I want to go back one day.

The sleepless nights in the hostel had simply exhausted me and I was excited to revisit Vilnius were I had booked a hostel I’ve stayed in several times, and I know I’ll feel comfortable there.

Everything went smoothly with the journey and soon I was on the bus to my hostel. Thank goodness I knew the city – I recognized the area near the hostel and got off on the stop before the bus station. This way I saved a 15 minute walk with my heavy bag.

On the bus to Vilnius city center

Right now I’m sitting comfortable in the hostel. Tired but excited to relax a few days in this lovely city. Whether I’m going to sleep much more the next few nights, time will tell.

I deliberately booked this hostel, so I knew what I was getting into, but beneath the hostel in a techno club that plays until 6 at night; and it’s usually quite audible in the rooms. I plan to dance a bit though, just until I’m comfortably tired and ready for bed – and then wear earplugs all night.

After some days in Vilnius I’ll go to Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania and where I used to study. Then Thursday next week I’ll do a quick stop in Milan before taking the train up to visit my grandmother and bonus-grandfather in Switzerland.

So a bit of a busy week awaits – but at least I’ll get the most out of my travels before I go home to Copenhagen on the 26th.

To be perfectly frank, I’m sick of Hostels. I’m truly ready to come back to Denmark and K. I’m little by little finding peace with the fact that the art travels will be ending soon; for now anyway, I think in a way I’ll always be on an art travel.

Anyway, it’s not over yet!

Next week I’ll write you from Switzerland about my times in Vilnius, Kaunas, Milan and my arrival at my grandparents’ house!


Ps. here are some bad selfies I took of me finishing eating an ice cream:



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